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All of our Staff at Lavandula HQ are happy to be of Service to making sure all our children have a calm, balanced body and nervous system, then hugs for a great nights sleep! Support for the parents too!


Lavenderbuddy in the Community

How Can Lavenderbuddy help ?


Ways in which Lavenderbuddy may help your child while using it and the outcomes
lavenderbuddy sitting with his back towards us showing our stitched logo

Lavender flowers inside the pouch in Lavenderbuddy's tummy can stimulate nerves in the brain and may help slow down  responses in the central nervous system and induce a sense of calm through the Vagus Nerve. The flowers contain a small amount of oil and this is a safe way for children to have the oil diffused without the larger concentration of an essential oil.

Olfactory memory cues - (smell), activate the hippocampus and the amygdala where memory and emotional reactions are made. a great  daily example of this could be the warm bread from the supermarket or bakery that we smell and it makes us feel comforted , because a warm bread with butter or jam seems to just do the trick some days!

This is all happens in the Limbic system which is the oldest part of our brain and controls, mood, behaviour's and emotions.

So, when Lavenderbuddy is used in a calm environment and for relaxation to start with, that smell memory association kicks in automatically and reminds the body to go back to that state.

Its sets a pattern for the body without the child being aware or having to do anything. So when used at challenging times, the body and iknows what to do!


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Emotion Points

The 7 coloured points on Lavenderbuddy can be used for Focus for Breath work. These have a Different texture to feel with your Fingers.

These correspond with where we hold emotions in our Bodies even though we cannot see them!

This also helps to guide a flow of Colour in the Social Story Book, I Am Affirmations cards and on Lavenderbuddy for non readers.

I AM Affirmations

The I am affirmations are the same colour as the Emotion points we see on Lavenderbuddy.

A lovely way of saying nice things to themselves and re-wiring neuro pathways.

They can add their own as they grow. It’s the start of the building blocks of the magic language. I am is the present, so when spoken in the Conscious, (outside) it sets into the Sub-Conscious (inside) with daily repetition. The Visual, Sensory Touch and Scent from Lavenderbuddy enhances this action and sets it deeper.

Practice daily in your own way. Dopamine is another Happy Hormone, released when you are doing something you love, your brains reward pathway is liberated.

It is also released when you set an intention to overcome something and achieve that.

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The fabric has been chosen as a soothing tactile fabric which may help to calm over sensory response. It is a low plush fabric and washable. From testing this was the one children like to rub by hand or on their skin and helped to soothe them. CE mark for safety

Hugging releases a hormone called oxytocin - one of the Happy Hormones for connection and bonding.

When hugging an inanimate object that hormone is still released, so Hugging Lavenderbuddy has a positive impact on overall emotional balance and helps with trust and relaxation. It let's them experience the Oxytocin if they do not like being touched due to Sensory Issues.

This lets them have control over Hugs given.

This also may help to start building better social connection at their own pace.


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