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Lavender can stimulate olfactory nerves in the brain and cause downstream effects that slow down the central nervous system and induce a sense of calm through the Vagus Nerve. The flowers contain a small amount of oil and this is a safe way for children to have the oil diffused without the larger concentration of an essential oil.

Olfactory memory cues activate the hippocampus and the amygdala where memory and emotional reactions are made.

This is all in the Limbic system which is the oldest part of our brain and controls, mood, behaviour and emotions.

So, when Lavenderbuddy is used in a calm environment and for relaxation to start with, that smell memory association kicks in automatically and reminds the body to go back to that state.

Its sets a pattern for the body without the child being aware or having to do anything. So when used at challenging times, the body knows what to do!


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