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How to use Lavenderbuddy


an image of a child turning ocer affirmations cards on the floor while our lavenderbuddy sits beside him

When cuddling Lavenderbuddy®, the brain is in a state of relaxation and calm because of the effects from the Lavender flowers within the bag inside his pouch. This hug releases Oxytocin, the cuddle/connection Hormone. The Scent activates the Vagus Nerve to reduce the stress response in the body. This is the place we want them to return to before or after an outburst of emotions.

The Book is then read as a Social Story and the I AM affirmations that the Bear uses, are the same colour on the I AM affirmation cards, that match the coloured Emotion points on Lavenderbuddy. This consistency helps non reader recognise the pattern through Colour.

The I AM card's are then introduced Daily and can be used in many ways from being  stuck on the wall, snap, turned over and then a card picked up and discussed with Family. Used also when challenges have arisen that were upsetting or unexpected.

This growth mindset sets the inner and outer voice of the child ( the subconscious and conscious mind) to believe that these magic words have power and can help to overcome self doubt, be strong and feel loved. The affirmations program the mind to believe what we say and increases the strength of neural pathways and effectively re-wires the Brain. This may help children change their mindset from negative to a positive one.

The coloured Emotion Points  sewn into Lavenderbuddy help guide Breath and  keep Focus

Emotional response to smell is governed by association, so when your teach your child to use the Lavenderbuddy® in a safe calm space for the first time, the next time they use it, the brain remembers the emotion from that smell and the addition of the I AM affirmations in this relaxed state, may penetrates deeper into the subconscious mind.

Start a growth conditioning and a belief early on with children instead of removing later on, the emotional baggage and mindsets they sometimes learned as a child.

Teach them to be self reliant in empowering themselves early with Lavenderbuddy® as a tool and let them learn them they have their own Tool within them too- Breath.

They can  then manage big emotions themselves, which lessens the need to depend on Parents/Carers as some may not have this around them.

Share with your child the gift of finding their own strength, self love and confidence by themselves daily. This consistency will build up and become ingrained in their daily learning and used later in life.

It can also be used more at times of upset or change and may help remove the negativity or fear in a situation also. This is not just for daily consistent use. Use when needed. Lavenderbuddy® may also help with bedtime wind down due to the relaxing properties of the Lavender flowers.
The fabric and Lavender have been introduced as a sensory tool also. Stroking the Lavenderbuddy® by hand or on the face may help to calm an upset child. It has been proven Lavender helps with relaxation.

For children with  sensory challenges, this is an extra personal tool that may help them, to find the calm balance when things are overwhelming for them in a sensory situation that is upsetting, depending on their responsiveness levels

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