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How to use Lavenderbuddy


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Not all children like to sleep alone....

We have heard the bedtime lists from parents and what they have tried-:

A warm bath, melatonin, door open, door closed, light on, light off, back rubbing, reducing screen time after 6pm ,soft music... the list is long!

That transition away from you can cause more upset if they need a little extra love that night.

Many parents feel that we hardly get the quality time needed for our children once nursery and school starts and that bedtime dis-connection from you, when they need you the most, can be tough for them. For you also, I mean who needs any extra parent guilt right?

So a balance  is needed. While many of us are doing an amazing job to juggle home and work life , its ok to ask for help.

 Lavenderbuddy, can be a familiar Tool to be there if you cant be in moments or emotional upset and bedtime, which most parents buy this for to start with.


When your child is hugging  Lavenderbuddy®, the brain is in a state of relaxation and calm because of the effects from the Lavender flowers within the bag inside his pouch.

We use natural dried lavender which is sealed in a fabric pouch for safety, as essentials oils and Sleep sprays can be toxic for our children.(We have always checked the ingredients, as these have been known to cause reactions )

This hugging action releases Oxytocin, the cuddle/connection Hormone. The Scent of the calming Lavender flowers, activates the Vagus Nerve to reduce the stress response in the bodies nervous system.

Our sensory fabric is so soft and having this against their skin induces a feeling of comfort that they need.

To start we would introduce Lavenderbuddy in a calm space  and a calm demeanor.

This is the place of calm balance we want them to return after an outburst of emotions or, at bedtime.

The coloured Rainbow Breath Points  sewn into Lavenderbuddy helps for  focus and  to guide the in and out breath for consistency.

We are teaching them that their nervous system can be resilient and come into balance rather than leaving it in fight or flight, or even freeze responses.

Empowering themselves early with Lavenderbuddy  lets them learn them they have their own Tool within them- Breath.

They can  then manage big emotions themselves, which lessens the need to depend on Parents/ Carers , or in other situations, where some may not have this around them, especially children in Foster Care or who are separated from birth parents.

Sharing these moments with Lavenderbuddy and your child, gives them the gift of finding their own balance point that is comfortable and prompted by themselves daily. This consistency will build up and become ingrained in their daily learning and used later in life.

It can also be used more at times of upset or change-( Hospital visits, Dentist, Airports, Changeover with separated parents) and may help remove the negativity or fear in a situation , like a comforter would be. This is not just for daily consistent use at bedtimes . Use when needed, where many emotional responses arise for them.

For children that are Neuro-diverse or have  sensory challenges, this is an extra personal tool that may help them, to find the calm balance when things are overwhelming for them in an overloaded situation that is upsetting.

Unlike other sensory tools, this just looks like any old regular bear  and can be used by all our children because we do not need to make any other differences on top of the ones placed on them in this world already.

Heres how
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