Lavenderbuddy is the perfect tool for schools...

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We want to help with the balance of education and mental wellness, with something familiar that is always available to use as a class unit or alone when needed.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation blocks are fantastic, but we know the budgets are limited within schools, so this tool is yours forever.

Our Lavenderbuddy tool can be used in a class setting to reset and relax within the day and to foster a growth mindset whilst young, to take them on their journey later as it is now set within the sub-conscious part of the brain.

Lavenderbuddy is compact and can travel between classes and a sensory room.

Our product is wipeable and washable for sanitisation purposes.

We have resources available to support the staff to integrate this within the classroom that will be downloadable in an email link when purchased.


Please contact us to discuss any questions or queries and to buy at our special schools rates that are not advertised on the website.

Incensu Registered


Lavenderbuddy is Incensu registered. Incense is the National Register of Education Suppliers, a place that schools can source trusted, recommended companies who have been used and reviewed by other educators. This provides a unique opportunity for businesses to be included in a directory that is used by key financial decision makers within the education sector, opening up a whole host of opportunities.