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This download is a Tool we have created for you to use with your Small Souls.

This was created to guide our Small Souls to manage the flow of Emotions that arrive after a loss. Gently letting them experience a little less to carry, as they grow and to see a new narrative on the one that we have all carried as Big Souls for far too long.

It is imortant that they get to experience this with support, however Small.

We have left it illlustraton free for your Small Souls to create their own pictures, art and colour in both workbooks. Help is always welcome from a Big Soul! 

They are all Unique and should be represented in the way they choose in their own story.

It is also a lovely keepsake for them that they created at this time to remember a loved one.


  • Please save, print and enjoy creating your art for this Story, your way!

    e are sharing our words and it is up to you to create the pictures , art and colour from your Heart.

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