Frequently asked questions

1. Is the product safe and what age group can it be used from?

  • CE mark. The regulations make sure the toys are not made from toxic materials and do not have small loose parts.
  • The inner bag is stitched and sealed closed.
  • Age 3 +. Bear can be used at your own discretion to use as a sleep aid or comforter until old enough to use the affirmation cards. We do not reccommend in a cot under 1 year old. Keep in room for the scent.

2. Why am I paying so much for a Bear?

  • To your child it is a soft toy bear, a book and some cards in a bag, that’s the plan. The magic through play and familiarity is the gentle way of introducing this tool to children.
  • For you as an adult, it is an ongoing support tool for them to become stronger, more independent, speak up in social situations. We have children that are fearful and anxious more than we used to be because the world is a very different place now. The internet has opened up many opportunities for learning but it also has a dark side where online bullying and social media pressure is an everyday occorance. Our children emulate what they see online and on the TV and I have come across a child of 5 years old wanting their own you-tube channel and getting frustrated about how they look or how they compare to what is already out there. Some are even pouting in selfies from their own phones. I would love the children to be as free to be who they are and confident in themselves so strongly that nothing they see makes them feel like they are less than anyone else and have so much love and confidence in themselves that they are unaffected by others unkind words and behaviours.
  • I would love to see children speak up, even to an adult to make sure their feelings are heard.
  • We have the film Matilda where the father states, “ I am big, you are small, I am right, you are wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it”.
  • Not all adults are right all of the time and it’s up to us to learn the next generation, if we choose, to question that with a truthful voice and kindness in their actions. To be a bit braver, to not get so comfortable and have adults fix it.
  • It is your decision if you want this for your child and continue to support them daily in the use of this. The cost covers the long term. Not a toy that is bought and used till the next toy appears that is in favour.

3. Can I wash it?

  • Lavenderbuddy is a low plush fabric and any marks may be removed with a cloth. Please keep any chemicals away from fabric as these may leave residue and Small Souls may breathe this is. Microfibre cloths can remove dirt without added chemicals. Remove the bag first.
  • If the inside bag seems to loose its scent top up with a drop or 2 of pure lavender oil and leave overnight to soak into the fabric and the flowers. The lavender within the product is organic and the scent should last for at least 1 to 2 years.

4. Can I re order anything I have lost or broken?

  • Yes. The product comes as a package but you can replace any parts that are missing or worn separately.

5. What do I do if my child is a little older and needs this?

  • Use this to start the process and then look at ways to integrate further affirmations for the circumstances and age group. Do it together. It’s a lifelong learning tool, even if the bear and the bag become too babyish when they reach a certain age. By then the child will be used to stating these daily affirmations in repetition it will come naturally. Words are energy.
  • So, positive words bring positive energy. The brain resets to what is spoken and believed after repetition and consistency.
  • We are looking to have a further product and cards available in the near future for an older age group.

6. Refunds

  • You have up to 14 days to return your item(s).
  • If you require a refund please contact us with your:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Telephone number
    • Order number
    • Name the item(s) you wish to return
    • Reason for return

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