Our Story

Lavenderbuddy® got his name a from a beautiful little soul called Jenna who wanted a reminder of home and her parents when she missed them. This was her favourite smell that relaxed her and reminded her of cuddling them and having a feeling of being loved, safe and secure. It became her new best buddy to use when she needed it.

Another little soul called AJ then added the chakras, affirmations and sensory aspect to the Lavenderbuddy because he has extra challenges to face daily and this was what had helped him.

Between these 2 beautiful souls is what you now see in its finality. A tool for other children to use.

This is their gift to you, paying it forward to other children, after they learned they had magic within them and Lavenderbuddy helped them on their journey growing up, to find it and believe in it.

The magic is within us and in the Universe which we are part of.

Ajs story

Aj has sensory processing challenges and he gets anxious with over stimulation of many things within the sensory system.

Noise, touch, taste, being a few things that can set him off.

When he is in this heightened state he may flap his hands or spin around to re balance himself or hide away with earphones on.


This can be also be displayed as withdrawal or anger alongside the physical behaviour.

Children have lots of ways of dealing with these challenges and some are not aware what they are. It can look like bad behaviour to others and having the Lavenderbuddy with them away from home in the backpack, means that when challenges arise they know they have a tool to help themselves.

Lavenderbuddy can give them a safe space to calm themselves, using the scent of the Lavender and proprioceptive tight hug. This lessens the anxiety and they can use the plush fabric to soothe as well against their skin. They can use the Chakra points for Breathwork. These are embroidered and easily found by touch.

Aj loves using this alongside other support and there is a clear response in a calming affect for him.

He is very aware the I AM affirmations help him say something positive.

He also uses at bedtime every night or when he is staying over with family.