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Lavenderbuddy is your new best friend. Take him with you anywhere you go in the Backpack and enjoy giving him a massive hug to release his magical scent that may help you be calm and start to relax., especially at bedtime for sleep support. The Social Story in the book starts the journey, then you can match the coloured circles on his body, to yours on your body and then Use the I Am affirmation cards. This helps you speak the magic words to the Inside from the Outside, so you can feel better about what you want to change about how you feel. You have a bookmark where you can write what you are grateful for. There is also a Chart that you can see your progress and it will help you see what you are achieving. You are never alone when Lavenderbuddy is near.

Full Package

    • Start a growth conditioning and a belief early on with children instead of removing later on, the emotional baggage and mindsets they sometimes learned as a child.
    • Teach them to be self reliant in empowering themselves early with Lavenderbuddy as a tool.
    • Let them learn them they have a higher power and it will lessen the need to depend on others for their needs and stand strong in different social situations.
    • Share with your child the gift of finding their own strength, self love and confidence by themselves daily. This consistency will build up and become ingrained in their daily learning.
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