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Stay Connected even when apart. These lovely fabric wristbands are Scented with Lavender Flowers. This will replicate the Smell Memory Association we use for our Bear and will help the user back to a state of calm and connection.

Pack of 2* - 1 of each colour or use the menu to pick 2 of the same colour. Sent with a note for you to share.

A lovely small tool for School return or when you cannot be together.


Not Suitable for Under 3 years old due to Small Parts and we Advise Big Souls to tie a Knot in Small Souls wristband and trim for safety please.

Washable. Please be aware if washed it will need recented and we advise to used 1 drop of Lavender oil on a piece of Fabric and enclose with wristband for 48 Hours before putting near skin.